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Travelling without moving

Hair:Exile - Palace - Reds Sweater: B.C.C Lazy afternoon-Maitreya Sweater [8] (store is closed, you can find the items on the mp) Jeans:GizzA - Nico Skinny Jeans [Denim Blue- Black] Socks: C'est la vie ! Ilva short socks (#1) -wear-
As for the deco I will start with my sponsors first:
Sari-Sari - A Vacation Dream @ The Arcade open June 1st:  Mango Juice  Journal (Eurotrip) Instant Printer (White)  Journal (Bavaria) RARE Tablet RARE Floor Pillow (Germany) Floor Pillow (Stripes) Folding Table (Dark) Retro Fan (Teal) Mini Fridge (Blue) Let's Get Lost Frame Wooden Arrow Map Travel Wall Shelf RARE For a preview of this set Sari-Sari Flickr Page
Stool with Blanket:Serenity Style Counting Waves Gacha @ Tres Chic Cabinet:Serenity StyleHome Stuffs Cabinet @ Shiny Shabby Lanterns:Sway's[on the Beach] Lantern parallel . REWARD @ The Arcade open June 1st
Sari-Sari - A Bit of Wonderland Book Stack Mad Spoon on Cup Book Stack and Keys Tea and Book Tin Clock (Red) RARE
House:Schultz Bros Bordeaux Cottage @ Builders …

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